Trucker Requirements

Trucker Requirements

TWIC Compliance
  • All Container Haulers/drivers are required to have a valid TWIC or approved escort (for Breakbulk trucks Only).

  • All Terminal Employees and Labor must have a valid TWIC.

  • All contractors and vendors who visit Ports America NOLA on a regular basis require a TWIC.

  • All container trucks require appointments, RFID tags, and registered UTN (Unique Truck Number).

  • Each truck entering the New Orleans Ports America Container Terminal must have an appointment, RFID Tag, and registered UTN (Unique Truck Number) minimum 3" stenciled or stickers on both sides of truck.

  • To request an RFID tag, contact

Safety Requirements
  • Hardhat, ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest or Safety Shirt, Close-toed shoes, No cell phone use on terminal.

  • Obey all terminal signage.

  • 15 MPH speed limit in terminal.

  • 5 MPH speed limit through Portals.

Drivers registration

Container Truck Line Carriers must be registered in the Nola TOS Portal to set up trucks and appointments. Requirements for account: All Truck Lines must be a registered Carrier with UIIA and identify their UIIA - SCAC when registering in Nola TOS Portal.

For information contact

TOS Web Portal

Trucking Company & Truck Driver Access -

Acceptable Transactions

All listed Container Terminal Gate Transactions and required information defined are
Validated from Appointments submitted and entered in the Nola TOS Portal “Appointment System”.